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The most happening Be-bop band in the land.

Now into the 7th year of their Wednesday residency at Uptown, stretching the tunes of the bop masters Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Tad Dameron, MIles Davis and beyond. One of the most remarkable ensembles to come out of the Melbourne be-bop tradition in a long time.

Swinging, grooving and bopping the Uptown stage every Wednesday, it's a must.

featuring -

Eamon McNelis - trumpet
Phil Noy - alto saxophone
James Sherlock - guitar
Mark Elton - acoustic bass
Sam Bates - drums

$15 entry

2 sets from 8.30pm


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26 January

Melbourne Imporvisers Collective





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27 January 

The Paul Williamson Quartet

One of Melbourne's most beautiful trumpet players Paul Williamson leads an all star group, which will featuring the music of Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis

Segue-ing between steaming, swinging standards and lyrical ballads, the quartet stretch the limit of interplay with a fresh modern take on some classic tunes....

If you luv the music of Miles and Monk, you're gonna luv this band....

Paul Williamson - trumpet
Joe O’Connor - piano
Hiroki Hoshino  - double bass
James McLean - drums


$20 Entry or $15 concession, doors at 8pm.


to reserve a table please email - uptownjazzcafe@email.com​

28 January 

The Jeremy Rose Quartet

The very talented alto saxophonist from Sydney Jeremy Rose returns to Uptown this Saturday night.

Jeremy will be playing music from his last two albums, 'Sand Lines' and 'Chiba', my new release 'Within and Without' as well as some new music from the upcoming Vampires release 'The Vampires Meet Lionel Loueke'.

Jeremy Rose - saxophone
Joseph O'Connor - piano
Marty Holoubek - bass
Danny Fischer - drums



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03 February

The Steve Magnusson Trio

One of the world's leading improvised music guitar players
Guitarist and composer Stephen Magnusson is a musician at the height of his powers. From the precocious virtuoso who dazzled the music world when he crashed onto the scene, to a musician so mature, complete and respected that when people talk of an “Australian sound” of instrumental music, it is Magnusson’s influence – his tone, his touch, his compositional watermark and his deep sensitivity – that they hear.

founding member of SNAG, FESTA, Assumptions Trio (Julien Wilson and Will Guthrie) Julio and The Stevies (again with Julien and also Stephen Grant), his trio MAG (Frank DiSario and Dave Beck) and the latest quartet – Magnet (Carl Pannuzzo, Eugene Ball and Sergio Beresovsky) Steve is one of the most vital, musical and leading exponents in this music. Plus he's a sweetheart....

featuring everything from hard swinging Ornette Coleman tunes to delicate originals and distinctive ballads, sometimes even a cover of a Cold Chisel or The Police, Steve captivates and meserises with his incredible musicianship and openness....

with -

Frank Di Sario - double bass

Dave Beck – drums




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18 February

The Ted Vining Trio

The Ted Vining Trio is one of the most hard-swinging and enduring jazz groups in Australian jazz history.

When the Ted Vining Trio's first record was released in 1977 the group was considered one of the most tightly-knit groups in Australia.

Ted, pianist Bob Sedergreen and bassist Barry Buckley first got together in August 1969, and have played around the world ever since as a high sought-after rhythm section. They create a very potent chemistry when they play together, and continue to push boundaries and stretch themselves musically.

During the seventies they worked as three quarters of the Brian Brown Quartet and as a trio have performed at all of Australia's major jazz festivals and venues now for 35 years.

The trio is now a well-oiled, fully integrated unit. Ted Vining rarely takes the limelight ... sometimes subtle, sometimes an assertive powerhouse. The inventive Bob Sedergreen joyrides over a countryside made up of mostly jazz standards, sometimes reminding you of Dudley Moore. Now joined by young bass player Gareth Hill, the trio continues to deliver a classic repertoire of standards of the highest class, keeping the hard-driving swing for which they are famous.

Says Adrian Jackson: "The three play with one mind, settling into a perfectly synchronised groove, continually throwing ideas at each other, without anyone ever being caught off guard. It is a though they have been playing together all their lives. If only more bands could communicate with each other, and their listeners, so effectively."

2 sets from 8.30pm




bookings - email uptownjazzcafe@email.com